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BodyWorks Massage
1350 Sullivan Ave.
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BodyWorks is Closed, possibly until we have a vaccine.

Serving Vernon, Ellington, Manchester, South Windsor, CT as well as nearby communities

Your First Massage, Massage FAQ

This page will answer frequently-asked questions about your first massage.

  • Modesty
  • Medical History
  • Pain
  • Tipping


Many people have concerns of modesty. Once your therapist reviews your medical conditions and verbally verifies with you the treatment plan, she will leave the room. At that point you can undress and lie on the massage table, underneath a sheet and blanket. The therapist will knock before re-entering the room.

You will be covered during your treatment. You choose whether to be totally or partially unclothed underneath the draping. As each part of the body is massaged, it is uncovered. Genitals and women's breasts are covered at all times.

If an abdominal massage is indicated, or if you are receiving a scrub or mud that will be applied to the abdomen, women will be given a towel to cover their breasts before the sheet and blanket are folded to the hips.

Medical History

Many clients want to know why we ask about medical history. Put simply, it's to make sure our massage will be safe for you. Certain medical conditions, such as uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart disease, may require a consultation with your doctor before your therapist can massage you.

Your therapist may also ask you if you have taken any pain medications, including ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If you have, it is generally not safe for you to receive deep tissue massage because your pain receptors have been blocked, and you won't know if the therapist is working too deeply (damaging your tissue).

Your therapist will also ask you about any cuts, scrapes, or abrasions, so that they can avoid those areas. Your therapist may also wear gloves if he or she has a cut, scrape, or abrasion.

To save time, before you arrive for your appointment, please complete the medical history online. You should receive an email with a link to the site where you can complete it. The site is HIPPA compliant.


Whether you feel any pain during or after a massage depends on many factors. Tense muscles are often sore, and may hurt a little during a massage. However, it should be a "good" hurt. If you are extremely uncomfortable, you should speak to your therapist. It is your massage and only you know how much pressure feels good to you.

It is also common to experience soreness up to 24 hours after a massage. Staying well hydrated (with non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated fluids) may help to minimize these effects.


Many clients wonder if they should tip or not and if so, what's an appropriate amount? Tipping is entirely at your discretion. It is not required, nor will it effect the quality of service you receive. If you decide to tip your therapist, 10%-20% is the standard tipping range.